“People are the most valuable asset, employees and clients alike.  One cannot exist without the other.”  

Lisa Krupinski joined Vogel Consulting Group in January 2023 as Controller and Manager of Family Office Operations.  Lisa earned her bachelor’s degree in accounting from Florida Atlantic University in Boca Raton, FL.

Lisa brings 30 years operations experience in Finance, Supply Chain, Project Management, and IT with privately held, publicly traded, large and small manufacturing companies as well as a not-for-profit organization.   Lisa will leverage her diverse and expansive experience and knowledge such as, implementing a LEAN and Six Sigma mindset, applicable to any organization and crucial to drive efficiency, performance, and cost savings.

“Establishing efficient and repeatable processes drives consistency, simplicity, and accuracy resulting in higher yield and reduced waste, cost, and errors.  Furthermore, it fosters structured training for employees enabling opportunities for continuous learning and growth.  A win for both Vogel and every client.”

Lisa is passionate about helping vulnerable populations such as the elderly, ensuring they feel respected and live with dignity.  She often makes meals, visits, and assists with home and health care.  Lisa and her husband are avid travelers with a passion for visiting historical and religious sites accompanied by their three daughters when feasible.  They have traveled internationally to 30 countries and domestically to 34 states and counting.  In her free time, she enjoys baking, gardening, canning, and the great outdoors including hiking, kayaking, fishing, hunting, and walking her dogs.