Within the areas of Investment Advisory, Taxation and  Accounting, Estate Planning and Business Consulting, Vogel offers a complete array of family office services and deliverables.

Cash Flow & Lifestyle Management

Vogel follows the money – so you can, too. Helping you understand the “ins and outs” of your cash flow provides invaluable benefits to your family:

  • Investments: Comprehensive cash flow reporting allows you to proactively manage your family’s investment portfolio and raise cash when you need it most.
  • Personal Accounting: Understanding spending is useful for planning, both short and long term. Vogel customizes cash flow reports to client specifications (level of detail, frequency, etc.).
  • Taxation: Tax planning and making estimated tax payments is less of a burden when you can predict when you will need cash available.
  • Estate Planning: Understanding the differences between gifting cash and gifting stock, and how such decisions affect your cash flow, is important.

Customized Reporting

If you are interested in receiving sample reports, please contact us.

One size does not fit all. Vogel Consulting delivers concise reporting to families, in the format they prefer. Electronic or paper, monthly or quarterly, narrative or graphic, we customize our reports to meet the individual needs of family members.

Consolidated Investment Reporting

Vogel family clients appreciate receiving consolidated performance reports in which their portfolios’ performance is compared to weighted benchmarks and the broad market. We include a family’s asset-allocation information in the report, to help family members make strategic and tactical decisions.

Tax Reporting

We regularly provide quarterly or annual tax estimates. Anticipating and scheduling tax payments can affect cash flow, so we work closely with you to ensure proper planning. For executives working at a family-owned business, we also work with their corporate controller to estimate annual taxable income. For families interested in a breakdown of a married couple’s realized income, we prepare marital calculation reporting. Detailed calculations and reporting allow families to help plan and manage their cash flow.

Estate Diagrams

Vogel’s custom estate diagrams are comprehensive and help graphically represent a family’s estate plan. Integration of the personal financial statements with the estate diagram lets a family see how balances and gift amounts change when the markets move and other planning scenarios are run. We advise on and track transfers, and help provide families with peace of mind that their goals are understood and will be executed.

Family and Next-Generation Education

Education is vital to a family’s longevity. Developing a common bond or identity, especially across generations, takes time and effort, and Vogel Consulting can help lead your family down the right path. We provide educational opportunities through regular family meetings, topic-specific educational sessions, individual coaching, reference materials and specialized referrals.

  • Regularly-scheduled family meetings
  • Next-generation education
  • New spouse orientation
  • Topic-specific sessions
  • Third-party referrals
  • Family governance
  • Individual coaching

Financial Planning

As a family office our mission is to responsibly protect, build, and manage wealth for present and future generations. To execute our mission, we begin with sound financial planning. We create personal financial statements to help families understand where they are today; and100-year plans to help them effectively transfer wealth to future generations.

  • Personal financial statements (quarterly/annual)
  • Cash flow reports
  • Estate planning diagrams
  • Quarterly investment-review meetings
  • Proactive tax planning


Philanthropy, or private initiatives for public good, is a very personal way for families to express themselves. Vogel Consulting works with families to help define their philanthropic goals and establish action plans to help them execute their vision. We understand that philanthropic gifting, whether small-scale or large, is important to many families’ values and identity and thus is an important part of an integrated financial plan.

  • Foundation structuring
  • Foundation investment management
  • Endowment funds research and recommendation
  • Charitable records administration
  • Foundation tax-return preparation
  • Donation request research and screening
  • Written gift guidelines