Investment Advisory

As a licensed investment advisory firm advising on nearly $3 billion in assets, Vogel Consulting offers access to traditional as well as hard-to-obtain alternative asset classes. Through a disciplined investment program, we work with you to determine your cash needs, risk tolerance and personal objectives to develop a customized strategic and tactical asset allocation. We monitor and objectively report on your managers and their performance against benchmarks on a monthly or quarterly basis.


  • Analyze current asset allocation and holdings
  • Review performance of current managers against peers
  • Prepare written investment plan with objectives
  • Develop a written strategic and tactical asset-allocation plan
  • Perform risk assessment and written investment policy statement
  • Develop strategies for concentrated holding or legacy assets
  • Integrate family estate structures with investment holdings
  • Select separate account managers, funds or products
  • Negotiate custodial fees and manager fees
  • Coordinate transition aspects of investment accounts
  • Implement commission recapture program when appropriate
  • Actively coordinate tax-loss-selling program
  • Provide access to alternative investments, hedge, real estate, private equity, direct investments
  • Perform quarterly portfolio and manager performance reviews
  • Provide consolidated investment reporting with benchmarks

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