Vogel Consulting offers an integrated approach to wealth management.


Consider your needs

Consider your needs.

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Understand your options

Understand your options.

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Know what you are paying for

Know what you are paying for.

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  • Consider Your Needs

    Having a high net worth doesn’t automatically mean a multi-family office is right for you.
    But for families with complex financial lives, it can be a smart move.

    Your Family Office®

    Some families need both integrated planning and a financial firewall between their business interests and their personal wealth.

    Your Family CFO®

    Some families seek strategic, multi-generational financial planning to navigate the complexities of their wealth and ensure their legacy.

    Your Family Office Resource®

    Some families and single family offices choose to outsource individual family office services to supplement the expertise of their existing team.

  • Understand Your Options

    Many financial advisors claim they offer family office services. But that doesn’t make them a full-service,
    comprehensive family office. They’re more like close neighbors.

    Multi-Family Office

    …offers fully-integrated financial consulting. It’s an independent, dedicated team delivering objective strategies tailored to your complex needs and complete financial life. A CFO, just for your family.

    Big Bank/Trust Company

    …relies on departmental specialists from each service area, often resulting in fragmented advice. Product incentives may color advice.

    Brokerage Firm/RIA

    …is transaction oriented. Brokers and RIAs focus on liquid assets, delivering investment-driven advice rather than integrated financial strategies.

    Niche Provider

    …has a narrow expertise, meaning most lack the breadth of services necessary for providing comprehensive family office services.

  • Know What You’re Paying For

    Trust is essential to any relationship, and a transparent fee arrangement is the cornerstone to a long
    standing, professional advisory relationship. Choose the arrangement that fits the bill for you.

    Assets Managed

    Fees based on the value of assets will swing with the market, and may encourage advisors to focus on investments.

    Set Retainer

    A retainer may not reflect an advisor’s activities or meet a family’s needs.

    Hours Worked

    Paying for services on an hourly basis allows families to easily evaluate an advisor’s ROI.