Is Your Asset Allocation Adding Value?

In the investment world, all performance reports compare investment managers to one or more benchmarks, and many reports include a weighted or global benchmark for the entire portfolio. But what about the asset allocation, how is it judged?

Is It Time To Harvest?

So, with approximately two weeks left in the year, have you decided to recognize all you can? What is an investor to do? It depends on the investment.

After The Election

The uncertainty surrounding the November elections in the U.S. is behind us. However, much uncertainty remains.

A Different View

In an effort to answer our client’s questions, and provide a better understanding of their portfolio positioning, we have developed a “different view”.

Is Your Basis Covered?

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has imposed new cost basis reporting rules for securities sales. Getting the correct basis recorded is important because it will set the “bar” for how much you pay on future gains.

Family Values

Every family has values, right? Do the decisions you make as a family accurately reflect your values?

Capital Gain Management

As Congress recessed until after the November elections, our elected officials left taxable investors with many uncertainties concerning their potential income tax liabilities.